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Mobile Bay Audubon Society is a chapter of the National Audubon Society that covers both Mobile and Baldwin Counties in Alabama. Our belief is that the goal of conserving, protecting, and restoring habitat is best accomplished by working together with government agencies, nonprofit groups, and others to promote awareness, understanding, enjoyment and science-based stewardship of our environment.  You can join both the MBAS and the National Audubon Society at the same time for just $20. You will become a member of our local chapter and receive a subscription to Audubon Magazine. Dues are owed at the time of application and then each year on the anniversary date of application thereafter. You simply need to click on the link on the right below to redirect you to our National Audubon Membership Site.

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Anything donated to this PayPal link will go directly to the Mobile Bay Chapter of the Audubon Society and will be used to help further our conservation efforts along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Shore.

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When you sign up for the National Audubon Society via the link above, or the button below, it will also sign you up for the Mobile Bay chapter as well. The annual membership fee is $20. Sign up today!

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There are more ways to help our cause other than donating monetarily. From volunteering, to word of mouth, every little bit helps. Want to find out more? Contact us above and we will be happy to speak to you about how you can help.

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