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Alabama Coastal BirdFest

 Registration for the 16th Annual AL Coastal BirdFest is now open. 

Registration closes on September 20th at 4:00pm.  

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Purple Martin Riviera Project at the Fairhope Pier

 MBAS recently purchased new Purple Martin houses in 2019 to place along the bay in Fairhope. This is part of a long-term project MBAS has been supporting since 2001 providing the bird houses. These houses support our breeding population of Purple Martins and provides them additional suitable nesting habitat. Purple Martins are a migratory bird species and they consume thousands of flying insects per year. Thus, they are a natural pest control. 


Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary

 Dauphin Island Bird Sanctuary is the largest segment of  protected forest on the Island.  It has also been documented that an astounding 420 of 445 species of birds have been observed on the island. It is also a vital stop in migratory birds' annual voyages. The Bird Sanctuary has  allowed Dauphin Island to be recognized by the National Audubon Society  as being “Globally Important” for bird migrations. To find out more, visit their web site below. 

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Young Birder's Club

 Emma Rhodes, current Vice President of Mobile Bay Audubon Society, is forming Alabama’s first Young Birder’s Club. The purpose of the group will be to offer more opportunities to the younger generation of birders who want to get out in the field and learn. Field trips are set to begin in the fall of 2019. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months.  


Alabama Coastal Bird Banding Project

 Birmingham Audubon, along with Mississippi State University and Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, re-established the Fort Morgan banding tradition in 2017. This was launched in order to continue the project that the Hummer/Bird Study Group and the Sargents had conducted since the beginning of the project in 1989. This work is crucial in understanding long-term migration trends and shifts in our migratory bird populations that utilize Fort Morgan Peninsula as a stopover site during spring and fall migration. In the spring of 2019, the Mobile Bay Audubon Society became a supporter of this event and offered a birding trip geared towards visiting the banding. This event not only provides researchers with invaluable data, but the event is free and open to the public (though a small fee is paid to the Fort Morgan Alabama Historic Site for entry at the fort.) For more information on the annual event in April, click the link below. 

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